Friends of Wolf Creek

Corro'll Driskell, Community Liason

About Friends of Wolf Creek

The Friends of Wolf Creek (FOWC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity organization established to improve the standard of living in communities.  Through our, Friends Of Wolf Creek Amphitheater (FOWCA) Council and Friends of Wolf Creek Library (FOWCL) Council we are focused on positive impact in communities to encourage growth of the venues and its surrounding communities.

We are dedicated to…

  • To Protect the interest of the communities in the area;
  • To further increase the quality of life for all communities impacted by the amphitheater and library;
  • To provide outreach services keeping communities informed of all programming;
  • To provide academic support for all schools in the communities;
  • To provide enrichment services to the communities’s children;
  • To educate and empower communities’ children.