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Once registered, 2018 W2R participants must CLICK HERE to setup an online profile!

Opus Cultural Lifestyle Magazine

Laurie Hunter & Channing Parham, Program Directors

About the Opus Team

We are truly blessed and favored to have made it to this point, as a brand new publication with a conscious slant and a huge opus of voices deserving of a moment to shine. As you peruse our pages, you will notice there is a 3 pronged effort that is our heart: Legends past and present, uplifting small minority owned business and exposing up and coming trendsetters of the arts. If we do not lift each other up and reach a hand back for the next, the many negative interactions, communications and attitudes will remain the same…. And that is unacceptable in my book.

When we decided exactly what type of image we wanted to portray, celebration was the clear choice.. Celebrate the drive, determination, struggles, success, dreams, fears and the hopes for the spirit of our communities. So what you will see in each issue is a celebration of the many beautiful facets of the human condition, imperfect yet uniquely brilliant. Each piece is crafted with love by real people who exist in the real world, not one constructed by mainstream media with what they would have the masses believe as truth. Unless one is born into a birthright, success is a frightening, sweaty yet exhilarating road that many of us must travel, and even more strive for. We want to exhibit examples of the true path to greatness, to let you as our readers know that it can be done – and it all starts with YOU!

We are honored to share the work of so many strong, committed and inspiring individuals. Your support is precious to us! If you love what you read, feel free to let us know as your feedback lets us know we are on the right track!

Remember, with each day you have on this earth….Shine brilliantly.